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Vol. 96, No.2, 2013: Table of Contents, Contributors & Subscription Information

Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal invites essays on topics related to any and all aspects of human values, including aesthetic, moral, political, economic, scientific, or religious values. Affiliated with the Society for Values in Higher Education, the journal has recently moved to Florida State University, where it is housed in the Center for Humanities and Society and edited by John Kelsay of the FSU Department of Religion. We welcome work from a variety of disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary approaches, including the arts, cultural studies, history, literature, philosophy, and religion, among others.

We are presently in the process of establishing an online submission system. Until the online system is up and running, we welcome you to submit essays for review directly to us at Please email your essay in Microsoft Word format, with references to the author's name and work removed when possible. Essays of a length of 7000-8000 words are considered ideal, but longer and shorter essays will be considered. Please also include a cover letter with your manuscript.

Any questions can be directed to

Vol. 95, No.4, 2012: Table of Contents (also available as a PDF)

Table of Contents:


African Politics and Moral Vision

David A. Hoekema


Expressive Bodies / Controlling Impulses: The Dance Between Official Culture and Musical Resistance in Colonial Western Tanganyika

Frank Gunderson


James Baldwin, Simone de Beauvoir, and the "New Vocabulary" of Existentialist Ethics

Molly Farneth


Erotic Perfectionism in Jewish Rationalist Philosophy

Michael Strawser


Rediscovering Liberal Education in China: The Benefits of Dialogue and Inquiry

Stephen Rowe




Molly Farneth is a doctoral student in the religion department at Princeton University, with research interests in modern Western religious thought, religious ethics, ritual studies, and feminist and gender studies in religion. Her current project focuses on ethical conflict and religious practices in G. W. F. Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.

Frank Gunderson is associate professor of ethnomusicology at Florida State University. His most recent book, "We Never Sleep We Dream of Farming": Sukuma Labor Songs from Western Tanzania (Brill Academic Press, 2010) won the 2009–11 Kwabena Nketia Book Award for best monograph on African music.

David A. Hoekema is professor in and chair of the philosophy department at Calvin College, Grand Rapids. He previously was executive director of the American Philosophical Association, program director of Calvin's Semester in Ghana, a Fulbright scholar in Kenya, and president of the Society for Values in Higher Education.

Stephen Rowe is professor of philosophy, liberal studies, and religious studies at Grand Valley State University. He is active in intercultural dialogue through Chinese and American institutions. His books include Rediscovering the West: An Inquiry into Nothingness and Relatedness and Overcoming America/America Overcoming: Can We Survive Modernity?

Michael Strawser is assistant department chair and associate professor of philosophy at the University of Central Florida, Orlando. His research interests include the philosophy of love, Spinoza, Kierkegaard, and ethics. He is author of Both/And: Reading Kierkegaard from Irony to Edification and is senior editor of Florida Philosophical Review.

Soundings encourages scholars to challenge the fragmentation of modern intellectual life and to turn the best and most rigorous deliverances of the several academic disciplines toward the sterner discipline of a common good in human affairs. Soundings aims to publish articles that open disciplines to each other, and it looks for readers who sense in such openings some prospect for greater coherence and amplitude in public discourse.

However, our century shows that there are worse things than a fragmented life, chief among them the disguised violence of false unity and forced coherence. Soundings urges upon its authors and readers a happy regard for Whitehead’s advice: “Seek simplicity and distrust it.”

Society for Values in Higher Education
The Society for Values in Higher Education is a fellowship of teachers and others who care deeply about ethical issues—such as integrity, diversity, social justice and civic responsibility—facing higher education and the wider society. The Society believes that such values call for study, reflection, discussion, and action. It pursues these activities through publications, projects, regional gatherings, and an annual national meeting.

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