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Event Calendar

Location: Strozier Library Cafe
Start Time: 11/5/2014 2:00 PM
End Time: 11/5/2014 4:00 PM
Event Description: Articles on LGBTQ topics are often underrepresented on Wikipedia. Join us to contribute to these articles and improve the range and quality of LGBTQ information on one of the world's most heavily used websites.
Category: General
Contact Person: Grace Kaletski
Location: Robert B. Bradley Reading Room, Scholar Commons, Strozier Library
Start Time: 2/6/2015 8:45 AM
End Time: 2/6/2015 4:00 PM
Event Description: The FSU Libraries and the Center for Humanities and Society invite you to join us for a cross-disciplinary dialogue on how we understand and represent spaces around us with different forms of sensory input and output. Speakers will address ways that we approach, make sense of, and articulate sensory experience as psychological, cognitive, and socio-historical constructions drawing on neurobiological, emotional, and socio-cultural interpretation. Through such practice, we define boundaries between mind and body, self and society, and idea and object in specific cultural and temporal contexts.
Category: Academic
Department: University Libraries
Contact Person: Sarah Buck-Kachaluba
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