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Latin American & Caribbean Studies

This collection includes PDFs of primary sources such as regulations, session laws, journals, codes and commentaries covering southern Europe, Latin America, and jurisdictions outside Europe. Foreign Primary Sources II, 1763-1970

WNA Latin American Newspapers is part of the World Newspaper Archive (Rewadex, a division of Newsbank) and  in partnership with the Center for Research Libraries includes dates and eras, languages, places of publication, and newspaper titles of Latin American Newspapers. The collection contains more than 1.2 million pages of content.


Covers 350 core periodicals in the fields of anthropology, economics, geography, law and criminology, political science, social work, sociology, and international relations from 1983-Abstracting coverage begins with periodicals published in January 1994. Abstracts range from 50 to 300 words and describe the content and scope of the source articles. Full text coverage begins in January 1995.

Contains records describing books, book chapters, articles, and conference papers published in the field of Latin American studies and edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. Coverage includes relevant books as well as over 1,350 social science and 550 humanities journals and volumes of conference proceedings published worldwide.

A cooperative digital library providing free access to contemporary and historical resources from and about the Caribbean, made available through the collaborative efforts of academic and government institutions throughout the circum-Caribbean basin. Resources include news, maps, documents, images, and audio files. 

University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries.

CLASE indexes documents published in Latin American journals specializing in the social sciences and humanities. PERIODICA covers journals specializing in science and technology. Offers access to more than 600,000 bibliographic citations from documents published in 2,600 scholarly journals published in the Spanish, Portuguese, French and English languages.

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