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Mildred Pepper was a student at the Florida State College for Women (FCSW) when she and Claude Pepper met and courted in the 1930s. She was an active political force throughout her husband's life and political career.

In his autobiography, Claude Pepper credits his wife as a vibrant and creative force who was as good if not better politician than he was, especially as it pertained to social matters. Sadly, Mildred died of terminal cancer in 1979, leaving her husband widowed. At his wife's memorial service, Claude Pepper eulogized Mildred and her various talents which included oil painting. He remarked how his wife found solace in oil painting while battling her disease. The Pepper Collection has a small number of her works which are rotated on exhibit throughout the year.

In commemoration of Mildred Pepper, the Pepper Library sponsors art exhibitions in conjunction with local and community artists in the Tallahassee area throughout the year. These exhibitions are free and open to the general public. 



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