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Faculty and Graduate Student Carrel Policy

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Carrels are available at Strozier Library and Dirac Science Library for FSU faculty and graduate students who are using library materials for research and writing.  Due to limited space, carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis to the following groups with validated FSU Identification:

Full-time FSU faculty
Enrolled Ph.D. students conducting writing and research (e.g. dissertation) with their major professor’s signature approval.
Enrolled Masters students with their major professor’s signature will be considered if carrels are available. 
At Dirac Science Library, priority will be given to students using Dirac Science materials.  Renewals and extensions will be considered on an individual basis.

Strozier carrel applications may be turned in to the Faculty and Graduate Research Services Office in Room 007 Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Dirac Science Library carrel forms may be turned in at the circulation desk Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm only.

Carrel assignments are limited to two semesters with one renewal allowed, provided there is no waiting list.  As a courtesy to library patrons and as a protection of library resources and services, the following regulations have been established:

1.  The following are prohibited in carrels:

Using cell phones.
Smoking or using tobacco products.
Food or chewing gum
Beverages which are not in covered, spill-proof, reusable containers.
Library materials that are not charged out.
Placing materials on the window sills.
Covering door windows.
Using printers.
Furniture taken from other locations in the library.
Taping, gluing or attaching items to the walls or windows.

2.  A paging service is not provided.

3.  Only the individual assigned to the carrel is permitted to use the carrel.

4.  Library research or writing is the intended purposes of the carrels.  Carrels are quiet study areas and are not intended to serve as an office.

5.  Carrel users are responsible for being aware of the library’s hours and vacating their carrel 15 minutes before closing.  

The carrel user is responsible for the carrel key.  He or she must immediately file a report with the FSU Police for a lost or stolen key.  The carrel user will then take the police report to the appropriate carrel coordinator who will then email the FSU key shop coordinator with the police report number, the user’s FSU card number, the user’s email address, and the carrel number.  The carrel coordinator will have the FSU Key Office reissue a key.  The user may then pick up the key from the appropriate carrel coordinator after 48 hours.  The user may be required to pay the replacement cost of the key.  If a carrel user fails to replace a lost or stolen key or to surrender a key at the end of the assigned period, the library may request that the university withhold all official records.

A pattern of violations of these regulations may result in forfeiture of the carrel.  Carrels may be regularly inspected and are subject to being checked at any time.  Leaving personal property in carrels is discouraged and will be at owner’s risk.  The University Libraries are not responsible for personal property left in the carrels.

Latest Revision: 
July, 2013
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