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Posting in the Libraries

The FSU Libraries will post library-approved flyers about any FSU-sponsored activities in designated areas within Strozier, Pepper and Dirac Science Libraries as space permits. No flyers about non-FSU activities or commercial ventures will be posted within the FSU Libraries.

All flyers must comply with Section 9 of the "University Policy for Posting, Promotions, Advertising, Chalking, and the Distribution of Materials on FSU Campuses."
All such flyers must be:

  • clear
  • legible
  • bear the sponsoring department, school or college name
  • provide current contact information

Flyers are limited to a maximum size of 11 x 17 inches.
All posting will be removed the day after the advertised event or on the first day of each month.
Reviewed and approved in advance of posting by the FSU Libraries Associate Director, Administrative Suite, Strozier Library, Room 305; or the branch head at Dirac Science and Pepper.
Questions about this policy may be directed to the FSU Libraries Head of Security.

Latest Revision: 
July, 2013
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