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Scholars Commons is pleased to host workshops on a wide variety of topics of interest to graduate students and faculty.  Listed here are those workshops presented by University Libraries.  The Graduate School also presents  several workshops in the Scholars Commons.  For information about workshops offered by the Graduate School please visit their website:

All workshops listed here take place in the Scholars Commons Instruction Room (005A) unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2015

Best Practices in Data Management

January 27 - 2:00 pm (Strozier 005A)

February 1 - 5:00 pm (Strozier 005A)

February 5 - 2:00 pm (Dirac 208)

March 23 - 7:00 pm (Strozier 005A)

April 1 - 2:00 pm (Dirac 208)

Contact:  Renaine Julian (

Managing research data is a vital part of the research process. Data management is the process of controlling the information (data) that is generated during any research project. This workshop explores best practices in data management and how the proper handling of research data facilitates the research data lifecycle. Topics covered: research data lifecycle, file formats, storage and backup, archiving and reuse.

Creating Engaging Poster Presentations

February 24 - 4:00 pm (Strozier 005A)

Contact:  Bridgett Birmingham (

Poster presentations provide opportunities to share information about your research with a wider audience.  This workshop will cover tips and techniques for displaying information in an inviting and engaging way.

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