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Pre-made Models

These websites have models that can be downloaded in .stl file format for 3D printing.  Some models may be made for other printers.  Designs that mention or show images of completed models from a Makerbot printer have the best chances of success.  If you have any questions about the suitability of a model, contact LIB-3DPrinting.

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Makerbot's 3D model community with over 100,000 designs for download.

youmagine logo


A 3D print community with over 10,000 models.

NIH 3D Print Exchange logo

NIH 3D Print Exhcange

Offers medical and biochemistry related models such as molecules, proteins, anatomy, prosthetic devices, and labware.

Smithsonian x 3d logo

Smithsonian X 3D

Offers 3D scans of objects from the Smithsonian's collections.

3d warehouse logo

3D Warehouse

Sketchup's collection of user created models.

grabcad logo


Aimed at engineers, hosts over 950,000 free CAD models.

stl finder logo

STL Finder

Search engine for .stl files.



Make Your Own

The free tools and software listed here can all be used to create 3D printable models.  Remember to export models in .stl file format.


TinkerCad logo

Online and easy-to-learn client that can create 3D designs from simple shapes. Must register for free online account to use. Get started with Tinkercad Lessons.

autocad logo


Popular drafting and 3D modeling software.  This is a licensed product with some free educational licensing.  Available at the Engineering Library.

blender logo


Free and open source software for 3D modeling, sculpting, and animation. Download available for Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux. Get the 3D Printing Toolbox extension for more tools.  Learn more with Blender Tutorials.


Versatile 3D modeling software. Available for Windows and Mac. Download and add the

STL Extension to export .stl files. Getting Started with SketchUp.


Open source online parametric 3D modeling tool.


Uses script files and parametric modeling instead of an interactive interface to create precise and resizable models. Free downloadable software for Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX. Makerbot's OpenSCAD Tutorial.

Autodesk Meshmixer

Downloadable software with tools for sculpting, modeling, drag-and-drop mesh-mixing, repair, and more. Available for free for Windows, OS X, and Linux.



Check Your Model

Whether you made or downloaded your model, these tools can help fix errors that may cause your design to misprint.


Open source, downloadable software to edit triangular mesh. Available for Windows, Linux, and OS X as well as Android and iOS.

Microsoft 3D Model Repair

A free web-based repair tool - upload a .stl file and download the repaired model. Must sign in with a Microsoft account to use.

Autodesk Meshmixer

Also a CAD software, Meshmixer can auto-repair 3D mesh. Free to download for Windows, OS X, and Linux.


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