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The Makerbot printer has several settings that can be adjusted to alter how a model is printed and the what the final object is like.  See the terms and tips below to discover the details of making and finishing models.


Options and Settings

Color - The Makerbot prints in a single color.  Colors currently available are black, white, and natural.

Infill - the amount of material that fills the interior of a model.  The higher the percentage of infill the more material the print will use and the denser and heavier the final object will be.  Standard infill for our printer is 10%.

Example of prints with 15%, 10%, and 5% infill.


Layer Height - the measurement that determines the thickness of the stacked layers that go into creating the final object.  The thinner the layers, the longer the item will take to print and the smoother the final object will appear.  Standard layer height for our printer is 0.2mm or 200 microns.

Raft - a base layer of plastic that an object is printed on.  Rafts help the beginning layers of a model stick to the printing surface, which prevents warping and unattached layers.  After an object is finished printing, the raft can be removed and thrown away.  Printing with a raft is standard.

Supports - thin pieces of plastic that are printed to hold up overhangs.  This prevents parts of models with no layers beneath from sagging or falling apart completely.  Supports can be generated automatically by the Makerbot software, and are meant to be removed and disposed of after printing.



Finishing Your Print

Most 3D prints need some post-printing clean up work to get the model looking it's best.

Here are some low-cost tools that may help:

  • Removing rafts and supports- Precision knife, needle nose pliers, craft spatula
  • Smoothing and removing strings- emory boards, sandpaper, metal file
  • Bonding parts - model cement and higher quality superglue, soldering iron (heat weld)
  • Waterproofing/priming- XTC-3D (epoxy coating)
  • Painting- Acrylic, model, and spray paint, nail polish

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