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Use this form to submit a digital model to be printed by library staff on FSU Libraries two LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printers.  Any model submitted for printing should fit the following guidelines:   

  1. Submit files in .stl format - then zip the file before uploading.
  2. Name files with the convention: FSUID_Month_Day_Year.stl (example: jdo13e_9_4_2015.stl)
  3. Size models to fit within the maximun print size of 9.9 L x 7.8 W x 5.9 H in. (251 L x 198 W x 149 H mm).
  4. Check model for errors using a 3D modeling software like NetFabb (https://www.autodesk.com/products/netfabb).

Once your project has been received, you will be contacted with either an acknowledgement that your job has been added to the print queue or a note that revisions are needed. When your job has finished printing, you will be contacted again and can pick your project at Dirac Library's front desk.  Please bring your FSU ID.  Models will only be given to the original requester.

Indicate what you are using this model for
Use file naming convention in guidelines at top of page. For multiple files add _1, _2, etc. to the end of the file name (example: jdo13e_9_4_2015_1.stl). If your file is larger than 8MB, please submit through FSU Dropbox (https://dropbox.fsu.edu/ ) to lib-3d@fsu.edu.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: zip.
See colors here (Link opens in a new window. Close the color page to return to this form)
Enter a number up to 251 millimeters.
Enter a number up to 198 millimeters
Enter a number up to 149 millimeters.
Print times can not be guaranteed. Please plan for at least a two week return time.
Please provide a simple description of your object.
User Agreement and Sharing Permissions
By submitting this form I acknowledge that my 3D print job adheres to local, state, and federal laws as well as FSU and University Libraries policies. I understand that University Libraries' staff can decline a print job for any reason. I understand that FSU Libraries cannot guarantee model quality, color, or specific print times. I understand that I will be responsible for any post-processing including the removal of rafts and supports. I acknowledge that models will only be given to the original requester. I acknowledge that if a model is not picked up within 14 calendar days of completion, it becomes the property of the Libraries.

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