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Materials & Services

FSU Libraries strives to provide equal access to resources and services through provision of reasonable accommodations for students, staff, and faculty with disabilities. While many accommodations are unique to an individual’s needs, all library staff can provide basic assistance. Patrons are required to schedule an appointment for accommodations that require more individualized assistance.

Some standard services we provide include:

  • Assistance with location and retrieval of materials
  • Assistance using microform and audiovisual equipment
  • Reference assistance
  • Photocopying assistance
  • Mobility designated assistants

Alternate Formats

Library materials in print can be converted to accessible digital formats by request. Materials are scanned following the best practices for OCR accuracy. While the libraries will make the best possible effort to ensure scanned materials are compatible with screen readers, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy with any particular scan. Please consult with the Accessibiity Librarian to address any issues or concerns with scanned materials.

Electronic Resources

The FSU Libraries subscribes to a vast number of electronic resources provided through a large number of commercial vendors and publishers and not all resources were designed for maximum accessibility. Users requiring assistance accessing these materials should contact the Accessibility Librarian.

LEDS (Library Express Delivery Service) to the Office of Accessibility Services

Students registered with the Office of Accessibility Services are eligible for item pick-up and delivery from the SDRC. Register with LEDS here and request pick-ups here. Faculty are eligible to have materials delivered to their campus office through this program.

Proxy Borrowing

Students in need of temporary or permanent pick up assistance regarding their library materials should contact the Office of Accessibility Services. After certification, the student may designate an authorized individual or family member to pick up their library materials.

Tours and Registration

For a tour of the library facilities or to register for services, contact Jonathan DaSo at

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