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Alternative Textbook Grants for International Program Instructors

Alternative Textbook Grants for IP are currently on hold. Please check back for updates.

FSU Libraries is partnering with International Programs and our international study centers to offer ten grants of $1000 for main campus instructors that are teaching at our international study centers (five grants per application period) and six grants of $1000 for instructors based at each of our European study center locations (three grants per application period). Additionally, the Republic of Panama will offer two grants of $1000 for instructors based at FSU Panama.

Requirements for International Programs applicants:

  1. Identify the open textbook, open educational resources, or eBook that you will use to replace your current textbook or course materials. Good places to search for OER include OpenStax College, the Open Textbook Library, BCcampusOER Commons, and MERLOT. You can also search across these and other sources using the GMU OER Metafinder. Contact your subject librarian if you need further assistance in locating open or library-licensed materials. (Note: not all eBooks will be available for purchase and are subject to availability. Click here to learn more about some of the challenges libraries face in providing access to traditional textbooks.)
  2. Obtain a letter of support from the Study Center Director.
  3. Communicate intention to adopt open and/or affordable material to college or department contact or dean, to confirm that replacing your current textbook will not contravene any applicable policies.
  4. Complete the online International Programs application form by the deadline.

Requirements for grant recipients:

Successful grant recipients will:

  1. Enroll in our OER at FSU Canvas course to meet other OER advocates, engage in discussion, and find resources for finding and adopting alternative materials in your teaching
  2. Consult with the Alt-Textbook team to develop a timeline of deliverables, implementation plan, and assessment tools as needed
  3. Promote your work by providing the Alt-Textbook team with press-worthy updates and sharing your experience with your departmental colleagues
  4. Provide feedback about the grant program and suggestions for how it could be improved for future applicants

Application Evaluation Rubric

Alt-Textbook grant applications will be evaluated using a rubric that balances the following criteria to prioritize impact and collaboration:

  1. Estimated savings to FSU students
  2. Openness of proposed content, with openly licensed content given preference over library-licensed materials
  3. Inclusion of a clear plan to assess student learning outcomes
  4. Potential for proposed content to be adopted by other courses or sections 
  5. Departmental commitment (i.e., letter of support from department chair or dean)
  6. Study Center Director support
  7. Availability and price of eBook to be purchased (if applicable)

Distribution of Grant Funds

Grant funds will be distributed via International Programs in the form of meal reimbursement.


Lindsey Wharton, Extended Campus & Distance Services Librarian

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