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Human Resources

The Human Resources Team administers human resource activities and functions for the University Libraries and serves as the liaison to the University’s Department of Human Resources and to the Dean of Faculties Human Resources. Our goal is to create a culture of trust and mutual respect, fair treatment, open communication, and personal accountability. We promote a diverse workforce and strive to create and maintain a supportive work environment for all library employees to achieve success in fulfilling the University Libraries mission.

Areas of responsibility include recruitment, performance management, employee and labor relations, compensation, benefits, classification, attendance and leave, training and professional development. Within each of these areas, we are also responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws, collective bargaining agreements, regulations and policies that pertain to them.


Meet our Team:

Our Team Members are available to consult with and provide guidance to University Libraries managers and employees on all human resources issues. Our team members along with their primary focus areas are listed below. Please feel free to contact any HR Team member about any human resources matter even if it’s not one of the focus areas listed by their name.

Susannah Miller (850) 645-8404, Focus Areas: faculty development, faculty performance evaluations, employee and labor relations,  ADA

Sarah Miller (850) 644-5870, Focus areas: Recruitment (Faculty/USPS/A&P/OPS), graduate assistantships, staff performance evaluations, attendance & leave, workers compensation,  classification, FML, ADA.

Courtney Felder (850) 644-5870, Focus areas: staff recruitment (USPS/A&P/OPS),  graduate assistantships, staff performance evaluations, workers compensation, classification, FML, ADA


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