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Emergency Call 911 

Library Security staff are responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of all individuals and University property. Security Staff are located at the entrance/exit area of the Strozier and Dirac Libraries. In addition, Security staff routinely patrol the building.  Feel free to ask for assistance at any time. The Security staff can also be contacted at The Strozier Security Desk can be reached at (850) 644-5585 and the Dirac Security Desk can be reached at (850) 644-6307.


A person using a library facility may be asked by library staff and/or security personnel to show identification and, if the person refuses, he or she may be asked to leave the library.

University Police:

The University Police will be called any time a person refuses to leave after being asked to do so by the proper library staff or any time there is a disturbance or suspicious activity. 911 should be called in case of fire or medical emergency or if law enforcement assistance is needed.

Crime Prevention Tips (from a recent FSU PD crime bulletin)

1. Criminals prefer to isolate their intended targets.  Walk with a buddy or near groups of people.
2. Walk in well lighted areas and report any discrepancies (lights out, etc.) to the FSUPD at 644-1234.  For any emergency DIAL 911.
3. If you see any persons that make you suspicious, trust your instincts.  Go to a safe place and call police.  Remember, when in doubt, have the police check them out!
4. Avoid carrying obvious valuable items.  Criminals may be enticed by valuable property.
5. Stay aware of your surroundings.  Actively survey the area as you walk, and appear alert.  Criminals prefer the element of surprise and you may be able to deny them this.
6. Tell someone where you are going and when you intend to return.  If you experience an emergency, friends and police will know where to look for you.
7. When parking your car, survey the area before exiting and if you see anyone who makes you feel suspicious, do not get out. Drive away and call police.
8. Remember, if you are robbed, do not risk your safety to protect belongings.  Things can be replaced.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items within Strozier library are turned into the Library Security Desk. All items are inventoried and turned over to the University Lost and Found located in the Student Union Information Center.

If you have just recently lost an item first check with the Strozier security desk, or in Dirac, with the circulation desk there.


To improve security at both Dirac and Strozier Libraries, a turnstile system is installed.

The system will require you to swipe your FSU Card both to enter and exit the libraries.  In addition to swiping in, everyone will be required to swipe out.  This assists us with patron security.

For those FSU students, faculty, and staff who have forgotten their FSU Cards, temporary cards will be issued at the Security desk at the entrance to the library.

All FSU students, faculty, and staff will be verified in the student and staff database and issued temporary cards up to three times per semester.

Visiting scholars and faculty will be issued temporary cards with a photo ID from their university.  Patrons from the community will be issued guest cards with an appropriate form of photo ID. (see Visitor Information)

For quick and easy entry and exit, please remember to carry your FSU card with you at all times.

If bringing in any large groups of non-FSU cardholders please call or email Security (850) 491 - 5457 in advance.


Contact:  (850) 491 - 5457

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