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Current Projects

LibQUAL Analysis

Purpose: LibQUAL was administered to a stratified sample of the FSU Community (e.g., 1/3 of all students in the Colleges, 1/3 staff, and all faculty). The number of valid and complete responses totaled 697. Results are being analyzed by scholar group:  undergraduate, graduate, and faculty, and by discipline (i.e., social sciences).  In the past we have applied what we learned from the results to inform us of how we might improve and enhance service quality in three dimensions:

  • Information Control (which includes access to resources and materials for research)
  • Affect of Service (looking at employee behaviors that add quality of service to the user experience)
  • Library as Place (addresses expectations about library space as an inspiring, quiet, getaway space).

Results indicate the minimum, perceived, and desired levels of service in each dimension.


  • Discipline analyses provided upon request
  • Current analysis is focused on pre- and post-COVID expectations of the FSU Community
  • IRB Application submitted for a broader pre- and post-COVID analysis of expectations was classified as exempt by the FSU Office of Human Subjects Protection (6/30/2022).
  • Poster presentation accepted for the Library Assessment Conference in November 2022

Project Leads:  Kirsten Kinsley (, Seol Lim (, Andje Louis ( ) , & Jordan DeBenedictis (

Where are they now?:  Interviewing FSU Alumni who were former Part-time Employees of the Libraries

Purpose:  To reconnect with FSU Alumni who worked for the libraries, learn about what they are doing in their careers, and to celebrate their achievements. We also want to know if working for the Libraries helped them in their future endeavors and to discover how this experience affected where they are now.  We want to know how we can enhance the experiences and employability of current part-time employees who are enrolled at FSU.

This project was exempted from an IRB application.


  • FSU Libraries' Marketing & Communication Department made this awesome video of our first cohort.
  • We presented results from the first cohort to the New England College Virtual Assessment Conference in June 2022.  Here is a link to our presentation.

Project Leads: Kirsten Kinsley ( & Seol Lim (

Recent Projects

Student Privacy Awareness Study - Summer 2021

Purpose: To understand student general awareness and comfort-level about the personally identifiable information (PII) collected about them at FSU followed by questions specifically related to FSU Libraries and the Division of Student Affairs Card Swipe/Event Tracking Application.  An asynchronous focus group was conducted on Canvas which asked 13 questions about student awareness, comfort level, and expectations about PII. slides

This project was exempted from an IRB application.

Project Leads:  Seol Lim (, Dr. Jillian Volpe-White, & Kirsten Kinsley (


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