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Frequently Asked Questions

Theses and Dissertations



   Who can deposit to the Research Repository?

Anyone who is a member of the FSU community with a valid FSUID can log into the submission form and upload their work to the repository. Work can also be uploaded by a non-author as long as they too have an FSUID.

   Can I download files?

Yes. Some files are available for download and others may be protected by embargo or by a FSU Campus Only IP restriction where files can only be accessed while on the FSU network.

   Is the repository publicly accessible?

Yes. There are access restrictions on specified items, see Embargo

   Are objects often removed from the repository?

No. There is a Take Down Policy and access to certain items may be restricted, but the number of items in the Research Repository has been steadily growing and there is very little that is removed.

   The submission form is quite long, do all the fields need to be filled?

No, depending on the type of content you are uploading, some of the fields are unnecessary. The form was designed primarily with journal articles in mind. Fields that are required have red asterisks next to them.


   How do I update previously uploaded content?

Authors do not have a direct way of editing or modifying their works after uploading their work through the online submission form. If anything needs to be changed, authors should contact or submit a ticket to

   What file types can be submitted through the form?

Accepted file types are as follows: csv, xml, tar, gzip, zip, gif, png, svg, mp3, txt, ePub, pdf, mkv, avi, wmv, mp4, flv (animate video file), m4a, mpg, mpeg, flv, m4a, wav, wma.

   How are my deposited works indexed?

Works uploaded to the research repository are indexed by Google Scholar and BASE.

   How long does it take for my submitted work to be uploaded and accessible in the Research Repository?

This process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Our submission process is mediated, which means the manager of the repository checks each item individually and then manually uploads the items and their records into the repository.

   How are usage metrics counted for my deposited works?

We count usage metrics in three ways, all of which are visible on the record itself. Views and downloads are counted and displayed on the upper right corner of the record. Beneath these counts is the Altmetrics score.


   What is an embargo?

An embargo is an access restriction placed on an item. Embargoes are placed for multiple reasons, all to do with copyright. Embargoes can also be lifted.

   Who can request an embargo?

Publishers often require an embargo placed on accepted manuscripts for a limited amount of time after the version of record is published. Authors can also request justified embargoes placed on their works.

   What types of embargoes are there?

Viewing restrictions can be limited to the PDF object for a specified amount of time, hiding the article from view and preventing downloads of the object but leaving the record's metadata visible. Restrictions can also be placed so that only those on the FSU network can view or download the files. These embargoes are generally limited to our electronic theses and dissertations collection.

Theses and Dissertations

   My degree was awarded at FSU but I can’t find my thesis or dissertation in DigiNole. Where is my document?

Depending on the year the degree was granted, there may not yet be a digital copy scanned of your printed thesis or dissertation. If you would like to request to have your thesis or dissertation uploaded to DigiNole, please email If your degree was granted in the last ten years and it is not in DigiNole, also contact If your degree was awarded in the last year and your thesis or dissertation is not in DigiNole, it is likely we are still waiting to receive them from Proquest.

   Can I have permission to access a specific theses or dissertation?

FSU does not hold the copyright to any of these works so we cannot make that decision. Please, contact the author to receive permission.

   How do I make make my thesis or dissertation available?

If access to your thesis or dissertation is restricted in DigiNole, then you can contact and communicate with the repository manager about removing the restriction.

   I am a researcher, and I would like to reuse a work found in DigiNole. Can FSU grant me permission?

No. FSU does not hold copyright. You'll need to seek permission from the copyright owner, either author or publisher. We do not have contact information for the copyright owner.

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