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Open Access Outreach

In 2016, the FSU Faculty Senate adopted an Open Access Policy. This policy grants FSU a nonexclusive license to preserve and provide access to journal publications by the FSU research community. FSU Libraries was given the task of implementing a plan to collect these journal publications and make them accessible to the public.

The components of this workflow are:
  • collection of bibliographic information for newly published articles
  • harvesting of article manuscripts available in other open repositories
  • author outreach to collect post-prints of paywalled articles
Check out the Open Access Support page for information on FSU Libraries’ current initiatives to support open access for faculty, staff and students.

Collecting Bibliographic information

A method of collecting and creating metadata records from Web of Science was designed to minimize the level of work required by faculty when depositing articles to DigiNole, and to process large numbers of articles in batch for deposit.

Harvesting Open Access Articles

Using the SHERPA/RoMEO API, we created a way to identify publisher permissions at scale using data sets. Articles identified as openly accessible are then retrieved by library staff and deposited into DigiNole.

Author outreach

Emails are sent to authors of newly published articles (not all newly published articles). These emails are sent from the address, and the "Upload to DigiNole" link leads to the deposit form that is protected by a login screen.

Outreach email sent to authors


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