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Diversity & Inclusion Committee


The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to have a library that is culturally competent. Cultural competency is the ability to hold enlightened and mindful attitudes towards cultural norms and behaviors, this includes how people treat each other based on their various identities.


Florida State University Libraries will be a leading campus organization that embodies the promise of our shared definition of diversity and inclusion. We will be a learning and workplace environment that embraces the full spectrum of human and social identities and understands our differences as integral to our success as a library.

Our Work

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is charged with developing a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion among libraries' employees and patrons at Florida State University Libraries. The Committee also implements library-wide goals, programs, and activities that support the education and training needs of library employees, and address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the services we provide.

The committee is made up of two subcommittees: assesment and communication and programming. The assessment subcommittee determines the effectiveness of various activities in the Libraries related to diversity and inclusion, with the primary goal of making evidence-based recommendations for initiatives and programs that promote an inclusive working environment and encourage a shared vision of cultural progress. The communication and programming subcommittee informs and promotes diversity initiatives, upcoming events, and other opportunities in the Libraries to the FSU Libraries and the FSU community.


Dave Rodriguez, Resident Librarian, Chair
Sarah Stanley, Digital Humanities Librarian, Vice-Chair

  • Myriam Bilodeau, Library Operations Supervisor
  • Bridgett Birmingham, Diversity and Inclusion Librarian
  • Meagan Bonnell, Asst. Director of Marketing and Communication
  • Dianna Bradley, Data Remediation Services Associate
  • Tiffanie Burt, Accounting Representative
  • Courtney Felder, Assistant Director of Budget & Finance
  • Kyung Kim, Social Sciences Librarian
  • Hannah Menendez, Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities Graduate Assistant
  • Susannah Miller, Associate Dean of Administration
  • Gino Romero, Rare Books Assistant
  • Dan (Brew) Schoonover, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Director
  • Rachel Smart, Research Repository Specialist
  • Denise Wetzel, STEM Research & Learning Librarian

Committee alumni: Theresa Arias, Jessica Barmon, Mohamed Berray, Jonathan DaSo, Carla Garay, Kirsten Kinsley, Yue Li, Jenni McKnight, Mallary Rawls, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Keila Zayas-Ruiz

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