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About Us

Our Research Agenda

The Office of Digital Research and Scholarship is invested in exploring several specific topics. These areas of study guide the types of work we do—the projects we work on, the research we conduct, and the activities that we participate in every day.

Digital Literacies

We promote digital literacy in various forms. Specifically, we study digital knowledge production in the classroom and beyond. We research new ways to expand the digital competencies of the campus community.

New Modes of Scholarly Production

We explore the new ways that research is conducted and disseminated in a digital-centric environment.

Open Praxis

We are fully committed to openness in higher education. We make our materials, tools, and data as openly available and as readily accessible as possible, across many access points.

Infrastructure of Digital Scholarship

We examine and interrogate the tools and methods for project development and implementation that facilitate the sustainability and long-term success of digital projects.

Our Research

We write, present, and publish on a variety of topics related to the digital turn in librarianship. Included below are several examples of our work.

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