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THATCamp Tallahassee will be held at Strozier Library on Saturday, April 18th from 10am-5pm. The event will follow the inaugural Demos Project Spring Showcase, which will take place from 3-5pm on Friday, April 17th. All events are open to the public. 

THATCamp (or The Humanities And Technology Camp) is an informal event that welcomes both newcomers and seasoned veterans of digital humanities and digital scholarship. If you've never attended a THATCamp before, you can read up on the history and procedure here: You can register for the event here. Once you have registered, we encourage you to post a submission for a session, which will be listed on our website. During the first hour of the event, we will determine our schedule for the day based on proposals on the site and last-minute proposals on the day of the event.


Let's build a Linked Data Ontology!

Sarah Stanley

This session will provide an introduction to linked data through the collaborative creation of a linked data ontology. Participants will be asked to come up with some data to model, and we will collaboratively diagram the different entities and relationships between them. We will then break out into small groups to try to model some data using the ontology. No experience with linked data required! Just come ready to do a lot of whiteboard diagramming.

Session Type: Make (e.g. working together to craft a working document or build a prototype), Teach (e.g. a workshop on a specific technology or skill), Play (e.g. anything goes! a round of trivia, collaborative exploration of a new tool, an interactive game)

Spring (Data) Cleaning with Open Refine

Rachel Smart

Openrefine is a powerful free tool used for data cleanup and transformation to other formats. In this session, participants will learn how to “data wrangle” using Openrefine’s robust capabilities. I will cover basic functions, transformations, touch into some of the more advanced capabilities, and demo some of the processes and provide ways for attendees to participate (crosses fingers).

Session Type: Teach (e.g. a workshop on a specific technology or skill)

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