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We collaborate with partners across campus to incorporate emerging technologies and methods into evolving research practices. These projects, prototypes, and initiatives provide a few examples of the kind of research we undertake. By no means exhaustive, these are meant to illustrate the breadth of our expertise and interests.

 Digital Projects

The Burroughs Archive

Burroughs Archive Icon

This project is a collaboration between the Department of English, Special Collections and Archives, and the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship. The goal of this project is to provide a digital edition of several of William S. Burrough's manuscripts and typescripts.

Il Secolo

Ilsecolo Newspaper Icon

The Il Secolo project involved the digitization of a nine-month sample from the Italian newspaper Il Secolo. Details and future directions are on the project's website.

Sōseki Poems

Japanese novelist, critic, philosopher and poet Natsume Soseki

This multimedia digital edition compiles the traditional poetry and visual media of modern Japanese novelist, critic, philosopher and poet Natsume Sōseki 夏目漱石 (1867-1916). The project is a collaboration between Matthew Mewhinney, Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern Languages, and the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship. The digital edition uses JekyllHIDE, a static-site publisher and theme for digital editions. To read the poems and learn more about the project, visit

Colors of Ozu

Colors of Ozu digital project

Begun as a research project by David Rodriguez in March of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Colors of Ozu is an on-going film analysis project that leverages digital tools and technologies to novelly and creatively examine the final six films of Japanese filmmaker Yasujirō Ozu (1903-1963).The hope of this project is to inspire media scholars to explore research methods beyond traditional audio-visual analysis and DH practitioners to expand their purview into new cultural heritage domains by applying digital scholarship methods to the study of filmic texts.


Text Encoding

Compleat Cook Icon

This proof of concept project took a recipe book from FSU's Digital Library and encoded it using a customization of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines for markup. Sarah Stanley, digital humanities librarian, generated a customized schema which allowed her to markup ingredients, with their regularized measurements and ingredient names. She then used XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) to convert the TEI to HTML and generate modernized ingredient lists. The TEI transcription, XSLT, schema, and CSS are viewable online.

Spatial Humanities

WikiStubs Map Icon

Sarah Stanley created a map of all of the Wikipedia stubs under the topic of "Caribbean buildings and structures" (the list was generated on April 16, 2016). This map was used to visualize the areas that were the least represented on Wikipedia. Read about mapping as a digital humanities research method on the FSU Libraries blog.

Network Visualization

A network visualization of the FSU Digital Scholarship Network

Digital Scholarship is currently being conducted in several departments across FSU's campus. This sometimes makes it hard to get a sense of who is actually involved in different digital activities. To bring all of these different participants together, members of DRS created a network visualization of all of the people, projects, and places that were involved in digital scholarship on campus. Read about the process and see the component parts on the libraries blog.

Interactive Digital Publishing

Claude Pepper Photo in front of D.C. Capitol

The Mildred and Claude Pepper Collection documents the career of one of the most politically active individuals of this century, and also reflects the changes that have taken place in many areas of American life. The collection contains over two million pages consisting of Mildred and Claude Pepper’s official and personal documents. In effort to exhibit and test the digital publishing of special collection materials we compiled content from the collection into an online, interactive book.



Project Incubator

Pen and Inc Icon created by Becris from Noun Project

The Project Enhancement Network and Incubator (PEN and Inc.) was a 7-week program for accelerating digital projects. The Project Incubator built a cohort of digital scholars and fostered an environment in which researchers conducted innovative scholarship.

Research Tools Training & Support

Digital Research Tools Icon

DRS offers training and support for a number of digital research tools, such as Oxygen, Zotero, OpenRefine, and more. Discover a variety of digital tools useful for analysis, publication, and dissemination by viewing our Periodic Table of Digital Research Resources.

Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy Icon

In partnership with the Faculty Senate Library Committee, DRS advocated for the adoption of a campus-wide open access policy, adopted and passed by the Faculty Senate in early 2016.

Open Educational Resources

Alt Textbook Icon

To address the issue of the rising cost of college textbooks, FSU Libraries are offering Alternative Textbook grants to support instructors in their efforts to replace commercial textbooks with open alternatives that are available at no cost to students.

 Hosted Publications

The Owl

The Owl Icon

The Owl is a peer-reviewed publication of research articles written by Florida State University undergraduates, and is published by student editors in partnership with FSU's Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement.

Journal of Art for Life

Journal of Art for Life Icon

The Journal of Art for Life (JAFL) is an international, refereed journal focused on art education, museum education, art therapy, and arts administration in authentic, real-world contexts toward the goal of social progress through the arts.

Humanism Evolving through Arts and Literature

HEAL icon

Humanism Evolving Through Arts and Literature (HEAL) brings together writing and art from a variety of sources, providing a platform for medical students to share their growth and development, for faculty and staff to impart their knowledge gained from experience, and for members of the community to express how health and healing have impacted their lives.



Athanor Volume 37 cover

Athanor features student papers from the annual Art History Graduate Symposium hosted by the Department of Art History at Florida State University. Inaugurated in 1981, the Art History Graduate Symposium brings together students, professors, and members of the community to share ideas and expertise in a wide variety of art history and humanities topics.

Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice in Vocational Psychology:

Current Status and Future Directions

SVP2017 Icon

Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice in Vocational Psychology: Current Status and Future Directions is an edited volume of peer-reviewed papers presented at the Society for Vocational Psychology's 2016 Biennial Conference.

Journal of Postsecondary Student Success

Journal of Postsecondary Student Success volume 1 cover

The Journal of Postsecondary Student Success (JPSS) is a quarterly, open-access publication intended to disseminate theory, research, policy, and practice related to student success in higher education. The journal welcomes work that addresses challenges, interventions, innovations, and solutions to address issues facing postsecondary student success and equity from interdisciplinary perspectives. 


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