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Digital Research and Scholarship Team

Sarah Stanley

 Digital Humanities Librarian


Devin Soper

Director, Office of Digital Research & Scholarship


Matt Hunter

Digital Scholarship Librarian 



Rachel Smart

Research Repository Specialist



Camille Thomas

Scholarly Communications Librarian


Laura Miller

Visiting Open Publishing Librarian





Dave Rodriguez - Resident Media Librarian, 2018-2020; Digital Humanities Intern, 2017

Micah Vandegrift - Director and Fearless Leader, 2011-2018

Matthew Resnick - Intern, Fall 2018

Carolyn Moritz - Graduate Assistant, 2017

Sean Hogan - Intern, Summer 2017

Aaron Retteen - Digital Scholarship Repository Specialist, 2016-2017

Bonnie Santos - Intern, 2015-2016

Richard J. Urban - Faculty in Residence, Fall 2016

Matthew Hunter - Intern, 2015-2016

Dr. Dong Joon Lee - Research Data Management Associate, 2015-2016

Andrea Contreras - Intern, Summer 2015

Camille Thomas - Graduate Assistant, 2014-2015

Josh Bolick - Scholarly Communication Outreach Specialist, 2013-2015

Nina Rose - Intern, Fall 2013

Chealsye Bowley - Graduate Assistant, 2012-2013



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