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Siku Quanshu

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Use of Siku Quanshu requires prior download of the client program at (From this URL, users are able to download the client program software (setup.exe), the Installation Guide and the database User Manual. Please note that this client program is necessary to access the database, and there is no direct access URL for the database.)

Once the client program is installed, ON-CAMPUS users can open the program on their desktop, select 'IP Login,' and gain access to Siku Quanshu from any IP address registered to FSU. 
Accessing the database from OFF-CAMPUS requires the use of a special login.  If you are an FSU user, please contact for the userid and login required for remote access.

Location: two computers in the grad lab & off campus access.


This database provides online, digital access to a collection of 3,460 historical Chinese works in the fields of Classics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Geography, Politics, Government, Economics, Society, Astronomy, Science, Technology, Medicine, and more.  Variously translated as the Imperial Collection of Four, Emperor's Four Treasuries, Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature, or Complete Library of the Four Treasuries, Siku Quanshu was compiled between 1773 and 1782.

Location: two computers in the grad lab & off campus access.


Map showing location of Strozier library graduate computer lab

An East View Information Services database.

Resource URL:
East View Information Services
1773 - 1782

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