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Linking to resources

Linking to Resources

Adding an electronic resource link to Canvas, inside a research paper, syllabi, or other documents? Copying and pasting links from the address bar may work temporarily, but these links are likely to not be usable later. Make sure your links are permanent! Permalinks, also known as persistent, or durable, allow consistent access to resources on and off-campus.
To ensure that off-campus access to other FSU resources will work, our proxy string must be included in the URL. If is not already in the URL, copy and prefix the following to it: 
The database permalinks found on the FSU Libraries' website will automatically have the proxy added.



Database Permalinks

  • From the Databases A-Z website, right click on the database link.
  • A menu will open.  Select “Copy Shortcut” (for IE), or "Copy Link Location" (Firefox), or for Chrome, "Copy Link Address"
  • Paste the link into your document or webpage.

The URL will include  "/get/". This will ensure that the links stays live and the proxy is automatically added. If the database address changes (as they will from time to time) using this "get" will ensure that your link will never break.

A database permalink looks like this:

OneSearch Permalinks

Create a link to all your search results:

  • Perform a search on the Libraries' website in one of the Search Articles, Books, and More... text boxes.
  • Click on Share. The link will be under Use Permalink.

Example of OneSearch permalink - all search results

Create a link to a specific article or e-resource:

  • Perform a search on the Libraries' website in one of the Search Articles, Books, and More... text boxes.
  • Click on the title of the result and then select

Example of OneSearch permalink - specific resource


For questions about linking to resources, contact your Subject Librarian.

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