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The following is the schedule of the day's events. It will be updated as we have presenters' confirmations and presentation titles.

You can attend the Copyright Institute in person or remotely via a live webcast - simply indicate to us how you would like to attend when registering.

Time Session
8:30-9:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration

9:00-9:15 AM

Opening Remarks

Katie McCormick, Florida State University

9:20-10:30 AM

Keynote Address
Fair Use: Past, Present, and Future of a Critical Legal Right

Kyle K. Courtney, Harvard University

10:30-10:45 AM

Coffee Break

10:45-11:45 AM

Panel Discussion
Institutional Copyright Support in Higher Education

Abby Queale, Florida State University

Christine Fruin, University of Florida

Scott Schmucker, Florida Virtual Campus

11:45 AM-1:15 PM


1:15-2:30 PM

Fair Use and Educational Copyright Exceptions: From Theory to Practice

Barbara Kaplan, Florida State University

Christine Fruin, University of Florida

2:30-2:45 PM

Coffee Break

2:45-3:45 PM

Panel Discussion
Using Images in Teaching and Publishing

Shenifa Taite, Florida State University

Sandra Varry, Florida State University

Stephanie Leitch, Florida State University

Lily Troia, Simmons College

3:45-4:30 PM

Town Hall Discussion

Session Information

Keynote Presentation

Time: 9:20 - 10:30 AM

There have been several successful legal efforts in libraries and educational institutions to embrace and understand fair use, especially transformative fair use, as a right. The naturally transformative nature of education and library/archives work creates an environment where librarians can and should employ fair use analysis, based on caselaw and statutes, to determine the potential authenticity of their work, whether reproduction, digitization, or an array of multi-media programming and exhibits. Additionally, a librarian's "good faith" efforts determining the fair use right can, in some cases, relieve a library from any copyright statutory damages under the copyright act. This session aims to explore the past, present and future of fair use, and reveals that the very nature of fair use represents the future foundation of 21st century education and scholarship.

Panel Discussion: Institutional Copyright Support in Higher Education

Time: 10:45 - 11:45 AM

Our panel on Institutional Copyright Support in Higher Education will focus on the role academic libraries and other departments on campus play in helping faculty and students understand and comply with copyright laws. The panel will discuss pertinent copyright topics such as the legal issues regarding eReserves, the intersection of copyright and digital scholarship, intellectual property and commercialization in higher education, resources available to faculty and students for navigating U.S. copyright laws, and anticipated reform in this area that can impact everyone. The panel will also answer questions from attendees on relevant topics.

Fair Use and Educational Copyright Exceptions: From Theory to Practice

Time: 1:15 - 2:30 PM

This session will provide an overview of important court decisions and emerging best practices related to fair use and educational copyright exceptions, in addition to exploring how these best practices play out when applied to real-world use-case scenarios. As experienced attorneys and scholarly communications librarians, Barbara Kaplan and Christine Fruin have a wealth of experience to draw from, and will explore the intricacies of these concepts, from theory to practice, with a view to empowering attendees to respond more confidently to copyright questions and concerns.

Panel Discussion: Using Images in Teaching and Publishing

Time:  2:45 - 3:45 PM

The digital age has revolutionized the way we discover, use, and create images. Copyright law has been slow to adapt to this new environment, creating fertile ground for concern and confusion. This panel will explore questions, trends, and best practices related to using images in publications and educational resources, imparting to attendees fundamental principles applicable to the work of faculty and students. 

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