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Freedom of Speech (April)

Government Information Exhibits

2019 April Freedom of Speech Display

The Freedom of Speech movement in the 1960s was a landslide civil uprising of thousands of American college students across the nation. Sparked by the ongoing Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War movement, the Freedom of Speech movement made a lasting impact on the foundation of our current laws and regulations related to uncensorship of speech. Florida State Libraries dedicated its annual April Government information display to the leaders and innovators of this movement. We have specifically selected titles that tell the stories and triumphs of this movement.

Physical Resources

Freedom's orator: Mario Savio and the radical legacy of the 1960s

Debating P.C.: the controversy over political correctness on college campuses

College curriculum and student protest

Contested issues in student affairs: diverse perspectives and respectful dialogue

When the old left was young: student radicals and America's first mass student movement, 1929-1941

Protest!: Student activism in America
Electronic Resources

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