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History of Government Information At FSU

The FSU Libraries serves as a depository for Federal, State of Florida, and United Nations information. Check out the rich history of how we were designated as depositories and other notable events.

Jan 11, 1940

Hon. Millard Caldwell, 29th Governor of Florida, officially designates Florida State College for Women as a Depository Library.

Jan 15, 1940

Alton Tisdel, Superintendent of Documents, GPO, writes Dr. Edward Conradi, President of the Florida State College for Women, informing him about prerequisite screening and requirements for conferment of full designation status.

Jan 15. 1940

Alton Tisdel, Superintendent of Documents, GPO, send a letter to Louis Richardson, Dean of Libraries, to investigate the capacity of FSCW to become a depository library, under Sec. 70, Act. Of Jan. 12, 1895: The law requires that libraries which are constituted depositories of public documents “must contain at least one thousand books other than those issued by the government; that the publications when forwarded shall be made available for the free use of the general public; and that they remain the property of the United States”

Feb 19, 1941
(One year later)

Bob Sikes (nicknamed “He-Coon”), United States Congressman from Florida’s 1st Congressional District, writes a letter to the Superintendent of Documents, supporting FSCW’s application for depository status. Note: He-Coon was responsible for making the Eglin Air Force Base (in Valparaiso, Okaloosa County, FL) one of the largest military installations in the world at the time.

Feb 21, 1941

Superintendent of Documents replies to Bob Sikes letter saying “I have written the Librarian of your designation, asking the necessary questions under the law, and if the Library is found qualified, the name will be placed on the list”.

Feb 25, 1941

Louise Richardson, Librarian of FSCW, responds to GPO with the completed documentation (D-104): “Our library is primarily a college library, but our citizens of Florida and others desiring to use our library have access to all materials we have”. At the time of signing the document, FSCW had 81,292 volumes (Feb. 1, 1941 statistics) not including government publications. There were 3,323 U.S. Government publications (excluding periodicals).

Mar. 17, 1941

Superintendent of Documents writes a letter to Rep. Bob Sikes, informing him that FSCW has met the requirements for the designation of depository library status.

Mar. 17, 1941

Letter sent to Louise Richardson confirming designation of status, including a list of classes from which materials should be selected.

Aug 14, 1947

FSCW revises selection profile, and informs GPO of name change from FSCW to FSU.

Notable Mentions


Hon. Millard Caldwell

29th Governor of Florida

Alton Tisdel

Superintendent of Documents

Dr. Edward Conradi

Florida State College for Women

Louis Richardson

Librarian (Dean)
Florida State College for Women

Bob Sikes

Florida’s 1st Congressional District


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