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University Records

Heritage Protocol & University Archives collects physical and digital records that are prepared, owned, used, in the possession of, or retained by administrators, faculty acting in administrative capacities, and staff of university units in the performance of an official function, that have enduring historical or administrative value. For more information, please see Florida State’s University Archives Policy.
Materials of historical interest may include administrative files, financial documents, reports, statistics, strategic plans, self-studies, mission statements, brochures, newsletters, publications, photographs, and multimedia materials. Records may be in any physical format, and are appraised for their content and historical value. Records are initially created and retained in administrative offices, departments or units. Frequency of use and availability of space help determine if records should be retained in the office or offered to the University Archives. When an administrative office or department defines inactive records of historical value, or needs any the department should contact the Heritage Protocol & University Archivist for assistance.
Inactive records of enduring historical value will be selected for transfer to the University Archives in consultation with the originating campus unit and the archivist through a process of archival appraisal. The archivist will provide guidance on selecting records for inclusion in the University Archives. Once it is determined that the records will go to the University Archives, guidelines for the transfer of records will be provided to the office. A records transfer agreement will be completed once the records have been received and accessioned.
Retiring faculty or staff, and those wishing to donate on behalf of deceased faculty or staff should contact the university archivist about their files, papers, and books. These items will be assesed; university records will go to the archives, selected faculty papers to our manuscripts archivist. Books will be assesed seperately.  
The University Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) advises on the retention and disposition of public records not selected by the University Archivist. See Florida State’s Records Management Policy.
When processed by Heritage Protocol & University Archives, university records of enduring value will be stored in secured stacks and made available to the university and wider community. 


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