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FSU Libraries assists researchers with funder public access policies and data management requirements

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
FSU Libraries' Digital Research and Scholarship Team

FSU Libraries' Digital Research and Scholarship Team is ready to assist FSU faculty, grad students, and researchers with new funder access policies and data management plans.

Over the last few years, major research funding agencies have announced new public access policies for funded research. Many funding agencies now require researchers to make journal articles and data sets derived from funding openly accessible as a condition of continued or future funding, including but not limited to the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Department of Defense. Florida State University released its own Public Access Policy and Research Data Management Policy in 2016. FSU Libraries stand ready to assist FSU faculty, grad students, and researchers with these new requirements.

“This is a major shift in the default research culture. University Libraries are working to provide information, resources, and support as the campus adjusts to these requirements,” said Renaine Julian, FSU STEM Data and Research Librarian.

One key change in the new policies requires a well-developed data management plan as part of new funding proposals. University Libraries' Research Compliance Team is available for consultations and assistance in preparing data management plans to meet the requirements of funders. Additionally, FSU researchers can utilize DMPTool, which provides templates for data management plans, by agency.

Public access policies, which relate to data management plans, shared open data, and open access to research articles, have many advantages. The policies help expand readership for the research conducted at FSU, increase the impact of that research, and aid in examining related work at other institutions with whom we compete for grants and contracts.

FSU’s Libraries are closely monitoring these policy developments and collaborating with other campus units, such as the Office of Research Compliance Programs, to assist researchers in meeting these funder requirements.

For more information about public access to funded research or data management planning, contact Scholarly Communications Librarian Devin Soper or STEM Data and Research Librarian Renaine Julian and visit 

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