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New technology to improve accessibility

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Announcing a new Virtual Machine (VM), “4. Accessibility Desktop” which contains two additional software to help with accessibility: JAWS (Screen Reader) and Read and Write Gold (helps isolate the words on the screen, reads, spellchecks any text). 

JAWS – Stands for Job Access With Speech, and is a screen reader program providing access to information displayed on a screen. It allows for comprehensive keyboard interaction with the computer. 

Read&Write Gold – is a customizable toolbar that integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools with common applications. It reads highlighted written material aloud. This program works with a variety of formats, including Word, PDF, web, etc. It can assist with literacy, language, and learning. The program offers segments that can help students with visual and oral comprehension.

This new VM, is available to students, faculty and staff in the libraries through the VMware Horizon Client or on any virtual machine (LG Zero clients that are available for the patrons).

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