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What is Credo Reference?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Are you working on a research project, but having trouble with coming up with a specific topic or keywords you can use to look for research sources?  If so, Credo Reference is a database that can help you get a better idea of a certain subject and what sources are out there on similar subjects. It will also give a good idea of what keywords to use when starting to search for more sources.

Credo Reference provides Topic Pages, which offer background information on a particular topic that can give you an easy starting point and pathways for further research; Access to hundreds of in-depth subject encyclopedias and handbooks covering every major subject from Accounting to Art History and Shakespeare to Einstein; and Mind Maps that visually show relationships between topics and keywords. 

Unlike Wikipedia, the information found on Credo Reference are credible and citable so it is a good place to go to if you want more information on a topic or you need ideas to narrow down your topic.

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