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Earth, Atmospheric & Aquatic Science Collection

Logo and link to Earth, Atmospheric & Aquatic Science DatabaseThe Earth, Atmospheric & Aquatic Science Collection includes the renowned Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA), Oceanic Abstracts, and Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA). It provides full-text titles from around the world, including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, and government publications. The database includes specialized, editorially-curated A&I resources studying the critical issues affecting Earth’s air, land, and water environments.

Subject coverage

  • Aquaculture

  • Aquatic organisms

  • Astrophysics

  • Atmospheric dynamics

  • Climatology

  • Conservation (soil, water, and wildlife)

  • Environmental quality

  • Extraterrestrial geology

  • Fish and fisheries

  • Forecasting

  • Geochemistry

  • Geochronology

  • Geology

  • Geophysics

  • Glaciology

  • Hydrogeology and hydrology

  • Limnology

  • Marine biotechnology

  • Marine, freshwater and brackish water environments

  • Meteorology

  • Mineralogy and crystallography

  • Natural hazards

  • Oceanography

  • Paleontology

  • Petrology

  • Pollution (air and water)

  • Remote sensing

  • Seismology

  • Stratigraphy

  • Upper atmosphere

  • Weather


A ProQuest database.

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