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Cabell's Directories of Publishing Opportunities in Education

Identifies academic journal publishing opportunities in the fields of Educational Curriculum & Methods, Educational Psychology & Administration, Educational Technology & Library Science.

Cabell’s goal is to help researchers select the most appropriate outlets for their work.  The database indicates  whether the journal is peer reviewed, and provides acceptance rate, submission guidelines and process, and more:

  •     Contact Information: the Editor's name, address, telephone , E-mail(s)
  •     Submission Process
  •     Manuscript Specifications:   style, length, number of copies required
  •     Topics  emphasized and type of Reader the publication seeks to attract.
  •     Review Process: including acceptance rate (gathered from editors), percentage of articles that are invited, type of review (blind, editorial or peer), and tne number of external reviewers and number of in-house reviewers.
  •     Time to Review indicates  time from submission to notification.
  •     Reviewer's Comments: if reviewers comments are available to authors.
  •     And other journal related data:  Sponsor/Publisher, Frequency, Launch Date, ISSN
  •     Manuscript Guidelines/Comments : information on the journal's objectives, style and format for references and footnotes.

Cabell's provides metrics to help authors identify appropriate outlets for their research, including

    Cabell’s Classification Index (CCI)
    Difficulty of Acceptance (DA)
    Institutional Publishing Activity (IPA )

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A Cabell Publishing database.

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