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APA PsycTests

APA PsycTests is a new and expanding APA database that provides access to noncommercial, unpublished psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments. Users can read the summary and purpose of a test, in addition to a history of its development. In many cases, the test instrument is included. When available, test scope, implementation, development, and validity and reliability data are provided. 

Developmental Measures
Scales for Beliefs, Relationships, or Expectancies
Aggression, Coping, or Functional Status Questionnaires
Racial and Ethnic Identity Scales
Resilience, Anger Response, or Substance Abuse Inventories
Physical Health Related Assessments
Personality Assessments
Educational Measures
Neuropsychological Assessments
Aptitude and Achievement Measures
Competency Measures
Occupational Measures
Intelligence Tests
Military Tests

An American Psychological Association database.

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