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WandaVision Online Stress Busters April 14-23

Don’t stress about being stuck at home with finals! The libraries have put together some virtual activities inspired by Marvel’s WandaVision and the many sitcoms it referenced for you to participate in. Find out which sitcom you are from the decades, how to create your own Vision Board, and more! Check out our list of activities below and how you can play along!

Activities To Do

This list features online activities created by the library and fun things you can do at home!

Which Sitcom from the Decades Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which classic sitcom from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s your personality most closely represents! Are you a part of the Brady Bunch, or maybe you’re more of a Michelle Tanner? Share your results with us on social!

Vision Board Tutorial

Have you ever made a vision board before? Whether physical or digital vision board can be an excellent way for you to set achievable goals. Why make a vision board? Because it’s something you can look at every single day to help you visualize not just going through the motions of each goal but achieving them. Also, it’s simply a fun and creative way to help yourself stay on track!

Here are five goal-setting tips to help you get set up for success:

  1. Pick both short term and long term goals. - This gives you moments of success in the near future that will help keep you motivated.
  2. Pick goals that are within your control and reach. - You can’t promise yourself that you’ll win the lottery next year, but you can promise yourself you’ll apply for at least five internships!
  3. Break larger goals down into smaller goals. - Doing this helps you focus on what you need to do now to get where you want to be later.
  4. Keep track of the goals you meet. - Sometimes, you don’t truly know how far you’ve come until you can look back at everything you’ve already achieved.
  5. Remember that visualizing isn’t enough; you’ve got to put in the work, too!

Ready to get started? Watch our introduction to learn how to create either a physical or digital vision board.


Marvel Madness Bracket!

Think you know the greatest Marvel Movie of all time? Fill out our “Marvel Madness” Bracket and vote for your Mightiest Hero to prevail - perfect bracket winners will be entered to win a prize! Check out the steps below for how to participate!:

  • Make sure to fill out your bracket before 11:59 pm EST Thursday, April 15th.
  • Vote Vote Vote! Everyday on our IG Stories from Friday, April 16th - Tuesday, April 20th, make sure to vote for your picks on our IG stories!
  • We’ll notify you if you’re a lucky winner

How to fill out and submit your bracket:

  1. If you have a google account: Click the link -
  2. Select “Make a copy”
  3. Fill out your bracket
  4. Select “File” - “Email” - “Email this File”
    1. Send the email to
    2. Make the subject line Marvel Madness Bracket_(Your last name)
    3. You can also take a screenshot and send the screenshot to @fsulibraries on Instagram
  5. If you do NOT have a google account: Visit our library blog post to download the PDF.

"If we're going to win this fight, some of us might have to lose it" - Hawkeye (Civil War)


Engage on Social Media

Interested in engaging with us on social media? Check out this list of ways you can participate on Facebook and Instagram.

Finals Week Playlist

Sing along to your favorite theme songs while you study, or listen to get pumped up before an exam!

Marvel Madness Bracket Voting

Be sure to follow @FSULibraries on Instagram so you can vote in our Stories for the Mightiest Marvel Movie and keep updated on the Marvel Madness Bracket!


Fun Extras to Explore!

Feeling bored at home? We've got you covered with some fun links to check out based on your interests and other online programs our campus partners are doing!

For the Animal Lover:

  • Are you in love with cats? Check out this 10 minute compilation of the cutest cats!
  • Miss being able to go to the zoo? Check out this live stream of giraffe eating at the Houston Zoo!

For the Artists:

  • Do you still experience childhood nostalgia from coloring books and crayons? Check out this website for some online coloring pages!
  • Interested in museums? Take a tour of the in the comfort of your own home!
  • Interested in becoming artsy with foods? Check out this compilation of the most known TikTok recipes! Maybe you will find something easy that you'll enjoy!
  • Want to take coloring on the go? Download Color Therapy- an adult coloring book. Available on iPhone and Android!


  • The University Counseling Center is offering Telemental Health Services and Telephonic Crisis Support to students at 850-644-TALK (8255). They’re also hosting daily psychoeducation workshops through Zoom on their website.
  • Stressed from the overload of finals and school in general? Visit this website that gives you ideas on some self care activities that you can do!
  • Want to get your Yoga on but don't know how to? Check out this meditation playlist to get you relaxed and in the mood!

Hands-On Lovers:

  • Interested in some fun and Cheap DIY’S? Check out this compilation of your favorite Tik Tok dollar tree crafts!
  • Looking for some more fun and cute DIY projects? Check out this blog for some inspiration!
  • Looking to Spazz up your Dorm or Apartment for the low? This website gives you a list of crafts that you can make at home.


Check out these books in our library on theme:

  • Want to explore more on the theme WandaVision? Check out these comics by Sean Howe and Bob Batchelor! Visit for details on how to get these materials via curbside or in person pickup!


FSU Libraries Has Your Back!

Worried about taking finals and need help studying or staying motivated? FSU Libraries have resources that can help! Check out our list below of options for tutoring, reference help, and more.

Library Tutoring

The Learning District is online, offering group tutoring sessions in STEM subjects from 8 pm until midnight, Sunday – Wednesday. Visit the FSU Libraries’ website to get more information about the tutoring services.

COVID-19 Specific Library Updates

With changes happening daily, the library is keeping you up-to-date on all of it’s changes to services on this COVID-19 Updates page.

Reference Help

The libraries offer a variety of options to assist with your research questions. If you’d like to schedule a virtual research consultation with a subject librarian, visit this page to select a librarian and put in your request. For on the spot research help, just click the Ask a Librarian chat box in the corner of your screen to connect with a library employee and get your questions answered! For other research help services, visit this page.


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