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2015 LibQUAL+ Analysis

A brief description of what the survey covers

  Questions Asked

A list of the 22 questions asked in the survey

A comparison of what undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty most want from the libraries

Employees who are consistently courteous is a top five desire for all three groups.
Between graduates and faculty they also share 3 desires in their top five:  making electronic resources accessible from my home or office, a library web site enabling me to locate information on my own, and making information easily accessible for independent use. (just ranked mean scores).

A comparison of where the libraries could most improve for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty

Commonality amongst all three groups:  Easy to use access tools that allow me to find things on my own
The purple is what undergraduates and graduates students can agree on:  quiet space, library space that inspires study and learning, and making electronic resources accessible from my home or office
Commonalities between graduates and faculty:  A library web site enabling me to locate information on my own.

The gap between perceived and desired refers to the questions that had the greatest disparity between what quality was desired and what quality the library actually provided.


Respondent Demographics

Total Responses N=2,646


n=1549 / 2646 = 58.5% of survey responses

n=1,549 / 32,621 (~5% of the undergraduate student population)


n=615 / 2646 = 23.2% of survey responses

n=615 / 7,713 (~8% of the graduate student population)


n=214 / 2646 = 8.1% of survey responses

n= 214 / 2,180 (~10% of the faculty population)


The full report can be read here (PDF)

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