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Noise Policy

FSU Libraries are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users.  To meet that goal, the Libraries offer the following noise zones in Strozier, Dirac, and Engineering Libraries.

Talk Friendly

  1. Regular conversations can take place.
  2. Group conversations can be held.
  3. Cell phone conversations can be held, but cell phone ringtones be quiet or phones be set to vibrate.


Talk Friendly Locations

  • Strozier Learning Commons, 2nd & 3rd floor front
  • Dirac 2nd floor
  • Engineering Library


Standard Quiet

  1. Conversations in low tones can take place, but long and animated personal conversations should move to a talk friendly area.
  2. Group conversations at tables can be held in low tones.
  3. Short cell phone conversations can take place in low tones, but if the conversation is extended it should move to a talk friendly area. Cell phone conversations can be held, but ringtones must be quiet or phones set to vibrate. You can answer your cell phone, just as you can greet a friend, but longer or louder conversations should move elsewhere.


Standard Quiet Locations

  • Strozier 2nd & 3rd Floor annex, 4th & 5th floors
  • Dirac 3rd Floor
  • Engineering Library


Extreme Quiet

  1. Short conversations in very low tones are permitted, but longer conversations should be moved elsewhere. All library patrons should pay special attention to those around them and avoid anything other than a short disturbance.
  2. Cell phones should be set to silent. Cell phone conversations must move to talk friendly areas immediately.


Extreme Quiet Locations


  • Scholars Commons (Basement of Strozier Library)
  • Bradley Reading Room
  • Mary Lou Norwood Reading Room
  • Special Collections Research Center
  • Dirac 1st floor


Study room users in quiet areas should remember that these rooms are not soundproof; groups entering and leaving quiet area study rooms should keep disruption to a minimum as they enter and exit the floor.

Latest Revision: 
May, 2017

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