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Citations & Copyright


Citing and Reusing Materials from FSU Special Collections & Archives


No matter the style or format, citations for rare or unique materials should include enough information to identify and locate the original work:

  • title of work
  • date of creation or publication
  • collection name
  • name and location of the repository or library unit

Optimally, a citation for rare and/or unpublished works will include other information to further identify and locate the original copy of the work, which may include:

  • collection identifier
  • box number
  • folder name and/or number
  • call number
  • page number
  • documentary or media format
  • URL for a catalog entry, finding aid, or digital library object
Citation Styles

Guidelines for specific citation styles can be found through the FSU Libraries Citation Guide.

Credit Lines

For publication, display, or broadcast where a full citation is not suitable, a short acknowledgment should include the name of the repository or library unit.

Paul Dirac Papers, Florida State University Special Collections & Archives
Image Courtesy FSU Heritage & University Archives
Special Thanks to Claude Pepper Library, Florida State University Libraries

Using Materials From Special Collections & Archives


Copies made for or by users of FSU Special Collections & Archives are presumed to be for private study, scholarship, or research only. Users who would like to reuse materials for publication, distribution, performance, display, or broadcast should be aware of any copyright restrictions on the content. Information on determining the copyright status of a work can be found at the FSU Libraries Copyright Resources Research Guide.

Fair Use

Even if a work is in copyright, certain educational and scholarly uses may be exempt under US copyright law. More information on making a Fair Use determination can be found at the FSU Libraries Copyright FAQ Page.

Identifying Copyright Holders

If a work is in copyright and the user cannot make a strong Fair Use case, permission from the copyright holder may be required to avoid liability for copyright infringement.

Basic strategies for identifying copyright holders are outlined at the FSU Libraries Copyright FAQ Page. Catalog records and finding aids can be good sources for rights information relevant to our materials, or for identifying creators and publishers. For assistance in identifying copyright holders of FSU Special Collections & Archives materials, please contact SCA staff at or 850-644-3271 or in person in 110 Strozier Library.

Permission to Publish

Publication, distribution, performance, display, broadcast, or other reuses of materials from FSU Special Collections & Archives does not require our permission. We ask that any reuse include a proper citation or credit line acknowledging FSU Special Collections & Archives as the repository of the original materials. Users should also be aware of any copyright restrictions on materials.

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