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Collections are located on the Ground Floor of Strozier Library in compact shelving.

The collection includes:

Federal Government Documents Collection

As a federal depository library since 1941, our library is provided with selected government documents that are available for use by the FSU community and the public.

Florida Government Documents Collection

As a Florida depository library, we receive government documents published by state agencies in Florida. This program is administered by the State Library of Florida.

United Nations Government Documents Collection

As a selective United Nations library, we receive UN government documents. This collection is supplemented by our Readex microfiche collection in Mif 1018.

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Our Maps collection include over 150,000 sheet maps, such as transportation maps, nautical charts, topographic maps, subject maps and reproductions of old maps, atlases, globes and an extensive research collection of old maps of Florida and the Southeast.

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection provides resources to promote research in all subject fields. The   collection includes general and specialized encyclopedias, English and foreign language dictionaries, biographic sources, bibliographies, atlases, thesauri, almanacs, data sources and specialized works.

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Microforms, such as microfiche, microfilm, and microcards cover a wide range subjects and types of documents, including newspapers, books, periodicals, dissertations, census schedules, etc.

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Microform Highlights Guide

Row  Call Number    Noteworthy sets/titles
60     Mif 1                 Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)
60     Mif 440             Tests in Microfiche
60     Mif 773             Pamphlets in American history
60     Mif 786             Crime and Juvenile Delinquency
60     Mif 856             Great Britain House of Commons Parliamentary papers
60     Mif 861             SEC file
60     Mif 865             Current National Statistical Compendiums
60     Mif 1018           UN Publications on microfiche
60     Mif 1186            American Public Opinion data
60     Mif 1283            National Development Plans
60     Mif 1300            Shakespeare at Stratford upon Avon
60     Mif 1392            Schomburg Center clipping file, 1925-1974
60     Mif 1405,1406   Great.Britain Parliamentary Debates
60     Mif 1479            World War II Combat Iinterviews
60     Mif 1484            University of Bristol Theatre Collection
61     Mif 1524            Incunabula - the printing Revolution in Europe
61     Mif 1533            United States Census publications
61     Mif 1534            Early American imprints, 1st series
61     Mif 3717            New York Public Library. The Artists File
61                               ASI, IIS, SRI
61     Mic                     Health, physical education, and recreation…/Kinesiology
61     Most in Mic 822  British and American Drama
62     Most in Mic 842  French Drama
62     Mif C55.13/2:      NOAA Technical Memorandums
63     Mif C55.286…     Local Climatological Data
63     Mif E1.99:            Energy Department Contracted reports
63     Mif FEM1.209:     Flood Insurance Studies
63     Mif I19.76:           U.S. Geological Survey Open File Reports
63     Mif NAS1.15:       NASA Technical Memorandums
63     Mif NAS1.26:       NASA Contractor Reports
63     Mif PrEx7.10:       FBIS Daily Reports
64     Mif X. -                 Congressional Globe/Congressional Record
64     Mif X/A. -              Congressional Record Daily edition
64     Mif Y3.N88: 25     Nuclear Regulatory Comm. contractor reports
64     Mif Y4.Ap6-          Appropriation Hearings
64                                  CIS editions of Congressional Hearings (published & unpublished)
64                                  NTIS, CIS editions of Congressional prints
64     SCAN                   Service Center for Aging Information microfiche
72      Film PR 15          English Literary Periodicals (some missing)
72      Film PR 18          Early American periodicals
72       Film PR 422       Playboy magazine
72      Film PR 268        Early British Periodicals
68      Film NP 1            New York Times
68-69 Film NP 6            Florida Times Union
69      Film NP 12          The Times (London)
69      Film NP 14          Tampa Tribune
69      Film NP 17           Atlanta Constitution
69      Film NP 21           Christian Science Monitor
69      Film NP 23           Tallahassee Democrat
69      Film NP 24 & 25   Izvestiia & Pravda
69      Film NP 27           Wall Street Journal
69      Film NP 35           Washington Post
69      Film NP 64           Le Monde
70      Film NP 76           Miami Herald
70      Film NP 77           St. Petersburg Times
70      Film NP 78           Manchester Guardian
70      Film NP 331         ChicagoTtribune
71      Film NP 352          El Nuevo Herald
71      Film NP 353          Sunday Times
71      Film NP 376          San Francisco Examiner
71      Film NP 393          Village Voice
71      Film NP 402          Underground Newspaper Collection
71      Film NP 407          Early English Newspapers
71-72 Film NP 421          Boston Globe
72      Film NP 423          Financial Times
72      Film NP 425          El Pais
67      Film 8948              State Papers domestic. Series 2,1625-1702
68      Film 9169              Confidential U.S. diplomatic post records: Russia &
                                          the Soviet Union
68      Film 9250               Records of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
66      Film 4318               Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature
66      Film 4393               League of Nations documents, 1919-1946
67      Film 4398               British Manuscripts Project
67      Film 8679               Civil Rights during the Johnson Administration
67      Film 8723               Radical Pamphlet Literature
65      Film 2165               Foreign Office...China, 1815-1905
65      Film 2203               Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789
66      Film 3601               Hispanic Culture Series: Books before 1601
66      Film 4256               Gerritsen Collection of Women's History
66      Film 4317                HMSO publications, 1922-1972
64      Film 4 - Film 59       Draper Manuscripts
64      Film 79                    American Culture Series (monographic; cataloged)
64      Film 183                  Latin American Imprints
64      Film 189                  German Foreign Ministry Archives 1867-1920
65      Film 588                  Manuscripta (note “Special titles” filed before “Lists”)
65      Film 594                  Despatches from U.S. Consuls to …
61-62                                 ERIC (microfiche)

This is not a comprehensive list. For a more detailed list, please consult the online catalog.

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