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Seminole Tribe Working Group

(Seminole Tribe of Florida Semi-Truck at Big Cypress Reservation, Florida Memory at State Library of Florida)

The Seminole Tribe Working Group is a collaborative group of University employees representative of different departments, divisions and academic specialties with the common aim of:

  • Discovering, documenting, and sharing an accurate representation of the history and relationship between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the University by organizing existing resources and information into one cohesive source;
  • Promoting a representative and respectful representation of Seminole people and the Seminole Tribe in campus artwork, buildings, insignia and traditions;
  • Increasing educational outreach to students, faculty, staff and alumni about the history and culture of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the evolution of the relationship between FSU and the Tribe.



Andrew Frank, Adam Beauchamp, Michael FineAlison Leach Hughes, Ricah Marquez, Erin Sylvester Philpot, Sandra Varry, Lindsey Wharton

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