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OER & Affordable Textbook Initiative

FSU Libraries has been working on a number of open educational resource (OER) initiatives to increase awareness for the textbook affordability movement and promote adoption. In a recent survey, 72% of FSU students (n = 350) reported having not purchased a required textbook due to high cost. Our findings underline the impact of the textbook affordability problem on FSU students and suggest that the vast majority of our students would support broader adoption of affordable online textbooks. Our team is looking forward to continuing to advocate for change in this space, providing both students and instructors with the information and resources they need to make a difference.

Alternative Textbook Grant Winners

Name Department Course Project Savings
John Reynolds Sociology Social Statistics (SYA 4400) Adopted Introductory Statistics from OpenStax  
Jake Linford Law Trademarks and Unfair Competition Adopted Trademark Law: An Open-Source Casebook  
Lisa Turner de Vera Interdisciplinary Social Science Program Contemporary Social Problems & Policy Solutions Adopted a mix of open and library-licensed materials  
Mark Sciuchetti Geography World Regions in Global Context Adopted World Regional Geography by Caitlyn Finlayson  
Jane Dwyer Lee Social Work Substance Use Disorders Adopted a mix of open and library-licensed materials  
Brett Andrew Castellanos Philosophy A Dialogue on Free Will and Science Adopted a mix of open and library-licensed materials  
Filiberto Asare-Akuffo Geography Map Analysis Adopted Essentials of Geographic Information Systems, Nature of Geographic Information Systems, and Spatial Thinking in Planning Practice: An Introduction to GIS  
Gregory David Burris Geography Physical Geography Adopted Fundamentals of Physical Geography  
John T. Bandzuh IV Geography The Geography of Wine Regions, Terroir and Techniques Adopted a selection of library-licensed journal articles  
Ella-Mae Daniel Education Reimagining Intercultural Conflicts and Diversity Adopted a selection of library-licensed journal articles  
Hannah Schwadron Dance Seminar in Research Adopted a selection of free and library-licensed materials  
Vanessa Dennen Instructional Systems & Learning Technology Teaching and Learning with Technology Developed and facilitated a student-authored open textbook project  
Paromita Sanyal Sociology Introductory Sociology Adopted Introduction to Sociology  
Giray Okten Mathematics Numerical Analysis Authored and published an open textbook, First Semester in Numerical Analysis with Julia  
Arash Fahim Mathematics Introduction to Financial Mathematics Authored and published an open textbook, Introduction to Financial Mathematics Concepts and Computational Models  
Koji Ueno Sociology Social Problems Adopted an open textbook, Social Problems: Continuity and Change  
Willie Jamaal Wright Geography World Regional Geography Adopted a selection of open and library-licensed materials  
Tracie Mahaffey Philosophy Introduction to Philosophy Adopted an open textbook, Reading for Philosophical Inquiry: A Brief Introduction to Philosophical Thinking  
Patrick Merle Communication Innovation and Ethics Adopted open textbook  
Lisa Munson Sociology Introduction to Psychology Journal articles and open textbook   
Edward james Hansen Psychology Cross-cultureal Comparisons of Applied Social Psychology Selected textbooks chapters via library licensing and journal articles  
Michael Shatruk Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemistry for Liberal Studies Adopted open textbook, Chemistry  
Wendy Plant Entrepreneurship Introduction to Entrepreneurship Reserved licened material and readings  
Anthony S.Rhine Theatre Organizational Behavior Adopted open textbook, Organizational Behavior  
Alysia Roehrig Educational Psychology and Learning Systems Methods of Educational Research Adopted selections from open textbooks, Research Methods in Psychology and Social Science Research Principles, Methods, and Practices  
Jimmy Yu Religion Buddhist Tradition Library licensed materials  
Cynthia Johnson Hospitality Managing Service Organizations; International Travel and Culture
Adopted open textbook and courseware, The Tourism System, 7th Edition;
John Bandzuh Geography World Geography Adopted open textbook, World Regional Geography: Global Patterns, Local Lives Seventh Edition  
Lydia Hanks Hospitality International Travel and Culture Adopted open textbook and licensed material  
Jessica Malo Modern Languages Through an Arabic Lens: The Intersection of Film and Culture  A mix of licensed material and open textbook, Keys to Understanding the Middle East  
Patrick Merle Communication Crisis Communication  A mix of library-licensed material and open textbooks, The Power of Selling and Business Communication fo Success  
Austin Bush Geography Map Analysis A mix of open source tools and library-licensed reading material  
Zoe Schroder Geography Geography of Climate Change and Storms Library-licensed material  
Lisa Munson Sociology Deviance and Social Control A mix of open textbooks and library-licensed materials  
Kathleen Burnett Information Information Ethics in the 21st Century Wrote alternative textbook using original and open material  
Lisa Munson Sociology Deviance and Social Control Developed an open labratory manual  


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