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Printing, Scanning, and Copying

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Where can I print?

Strozier printers are provided on the ground, main, second and third floors (color printers available on the main floor). Dirac printers are available on the 2nd & 3rd floor (color printers available on 2nd floor). Printers are connected to computer kiosks of the respective floors. Printing requires the use of an FSU card with a positive balance.

How do I print?

Print documents selecting either FSU myPrint B&W or FSU myPrint Color
Enter your FSUID
Go to any Print Release Station
Enter your FSUID at the release station Prompt
Swipe your FSUCard in the card reader next to station
Select documents(s) to print from the list displayed
Bottom of the screen displays FSUCash balance & cost of printing (10¢ for b&w, 25¢ for color)
Select print
Take your printed documents from printer
Jobs in your queue will be purged from the system after 2 hours

Scanning Documents and Book Pages

Several scanners are located on the main floor of Strozier Library and the 2nd floor of Dirac. Visit the Scanning page for more information.


10¢ per page B&W 25¢ per page color

Reporting Problems

The printers and card readers are not owned nor operated by FSU Libraries. If the card reader or printer fails to print, or takes your credits without printing, please reach out to the Office of Business Services: 850-644-7777 or 

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