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Strozier and Dirac: All virtual PCs
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Statistics & Data Analysis


FSU V Lab Instructions for uploading and downloading files through FSU V Lab on Mac and PC.

Short for matrix laboratory, MATLAB is a computing and visualization software package, as well as a fourth generation programming language, published by MathWorks. It performs matrix manipulations, function plotting, algorithm implementation, and many high-level mathematical operations.

MATLAB was originally written in the late 1970s by Cleve Moler, the chairman of the computer science department at the University of New Mexico. Moler wanted to give his students a way to use linear algebra and matrix computation packages without having to learn FORTRAN. Today, it is utilized mainly by scientists, engineers, and students of linear algebra, with over a million users worldwide.

Resources Available at FSU


  • MathWorks -- This is the homepage for the company that develops MatLab. Here, you can find general information about the software and links to helpful guides, videos, and other information.
  • MATLAB primer -- This PDF is a comprehensive guide on how to get started with MATLAB from the developers of the software.
  • Importing and Exporting Data in MATLAB -- This guide describes how to import and export data for analysis in MATLAB. It covers how to import data from a variety of file formats, and how to save data in different file formats for further analysis in other applicable software.
  • MATLAB Youtube Channel -- Helpful video series on how to get started with MATLAB and how to perform some of the software's more advanced functions.
  • MIT OpenCourseware
  • Stack Overflow -- This is a community hub for MATLAB users, good for answering questions you may have while getting into and using MATLAB.
  • CCS MATLAB Software for Engineering Students: FAQs

Installing MATLAB

For Personal Use

Follow the instructions below to create a personal MATLAB account:

  • Go to the MathWorks FSU portal page:
  • Click Sign in to get started
  • Sign in with your FSUID and password
  • You will be directed to a MATLAB page
  • Under the Create a MathWorks Account block, click Create
  • Fill out the form
  • Click Create
  • You will be directed to the MATLAB download page

Department Use*

Place an order with the following information:

  • Services: Under Other ITS Services chose Software Licensing
  • Details of Request: Enter MATLAB, the name and email of the installer(s), and the computer name for each device

*All departmental orders require a purchase order.

r2014a is current version and is INSTALLED

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