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Statistics & Data Analysis

QGIS is a free and open source software that revolves around all aspects of managing and using digital geographical data and is the competitor to ArcGIS. With a GIS application you can open digital maps on your computer, create new spatial information to add to a map, create printed maps customized to your needs and perform spatial analysis.

QGIS is available as a desktop, browser, server, and web client application, and is now offered on Android devices in beta.

For help finding spatial data or other GIS software and tools, check out Demography Research Guide


For more resources, visit the QGIS LibGuide

  • LinkedIn Learning

    Tutorial videos for the beginning stages of learning how to use QGIS. LinkedIn Learning can be accessed through your FSU account for free under Resources.

  • Datapolitan

    Links to materials for Datapolitan in-person courses in open data, data analytics, and information visualization. Includes access to class outline, lecture slides, class handouts, and slide source code.

  • Geospatial Historian

    A tutorial-based open access textbook for historical scholars and digital humanists edited by Jim Clifford and Josh MacFadyen. It is designed to teach practical digital mapping and GIS skills that are immediately useful to real research needs.

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