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Invest in People

ADA Accessible Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The main goal of this pilot project is making incoming Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) and Honors Theses more ADA accessible. This will involve collecting data and developing templates, style guides, instruction materials, and workflows in collaboration with the Graduate School and Honors in the Major program. Addressing accessibility issues in historical ETDs is out of scope for this initiative but may be worth exploring in the future.

Create FSU - FSU Libraries Web Hosting for Digital Projects

This new initiative will provide web hosting for digital projects through an educational technology company called Reclaim Hosting. This service would be available to any FSU faculty members, graduate students, or undergraduate Honors students who wants a web domain to host content related to their research, meeting both research and pedagogical needs for which there is currently no solution on campus.

FSU Libraries Recruitment Process Improvement Initiative

FSU Human Resources will be involved by providing guidance and advice on adherence to university policies.  We may also consult with the President’s Council on D&I (Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee) and the recommendation from the Anti-Racism Task Force group.  We will also contact the College of Business Center for HR regarding research on recruitment strategies.

Improving access to collections through Inclusive Metadata Implementation

This initiative seeks to redress inequities and injustice in the descriptive language and narrative framing of archives, special collections, and the institutional repository. In this phase of work, we will apply conscious editing principles to metadata in ArchivesSpace and DigiNole. Conscious editing is an active, critical awareness of bias, privilege, and power and an ethos of deliberate care used in the assessment, creation, and refinement of descriptive texts.

Library New Employee Onboarding

This strategic initiative will create a group charged with organizing and implementing an onboarding process for new Libraries faculty and staff. This includes the creation of a workflow that helps new employees understand how the Libraries work, who we are, and how we communicate. While there is a goal to create a comprehensive workflow for new employees and their supervisors, this will also create a positive experience while they adjust to their new working environments and colleagues.

Library-Wide Professional Development

This initiative will establish a lasting professional development group that spends dedicated time to creating, providing, and facilitating professional development opportunities library-wide. Through programming and sub-committee work this group hopes to enhance professional development across the Libraries. The group will send out a yearly survey to assess professional development interests and needs throughout the library and plan out action-oriented steps to fill those gaps.

Project Enhancement Network & Incubator (PEN & Inc)

The digital project incubator will provide targeted support to a limited number of faculty and student projects in digital humanities and digital scholarship. This incubator program will allow the Digital Humanities Librarian and Digital Scholarship Librarian to provide targeted support to 5-10 members of the university community each semester (10-20 over the course of an academic year).

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