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List of Strategic Initiatives

The main goal of this pilot project is making incoming Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) and Honors Theses more ADA accessible. This will involve collecting data and developing templates, style guides, instruction materials, and workflows in collaboration with the Graduate School and Honors in the Major program. Addressing accessibility issues in historical ETDs is out of scope for this initiative but may be worth exploring in the future.

The OER team seeks $15,000 in E&G or Foundation funds to sustain the Alternative Grants  Program program, which has become an important pillar of FSU’s textbook affordability  initiative since 2017 and supports instructors in their efforts to replace commercial textbooks  with open alternatives that are available at no cost to students.. This source of funding would  offer more flexibility and sustainability in the grant distribution requested by applicants (e.g.  professional development, technology, copyediting,etc.) based on previous iterations of the  grant.       

Building a community of STEM Data Scholars at FSU will increase data literacy by allowing the Libraries to expand the reach and impact of research data services across the STEM community. This will be achieved through the creation of a STEM data fellowship program where paid student employees will teach and collaborate with STEM scholars. It will also allow the Libraries to leverage the expertise of our community in order to solve data related problems, enable interdisciplinary collaboration, and foster engagement around topics related to open data and open science.

This initiative would build upon the Course Adopted eResources Program through development of an eTextbook portal to serve as the center of communication, promotion, and course-adopted library-licensed eResource access for instructors and students. Additionally, this initiative would bolster advocacy for the program as part of the broader Libraries’ collection strategy through coordination with stakeholders to assess and expand the program as well as acquisition of unlimited eBook titles assigned as course materials.

This new initiative will provide web hosting for digital projects through an educational technology company called Reclaim Hosting. This service would be available to any FSU faculty members, graduate students, or undergraduate Honors students who wants a web domain to host content related to their research, meeting both research and pedagogical needs for which there is currently no solution on campus.

FSU's institutional repository, Diginole, is shifting from being hosted under FLVC's architecture to one that is maintained, in-house, by FSU Libraries. The migration involves a complex, multi-layered process that includes: building and sustaining this technical infrastructure in a cloud-based computing environment, deploying an updated version of the repository's software stack within this environment, and transferring the contents of the old repository to the new one in a way that maintains their integrity and discoverability.

The Diverse Voices in FSU STEM project seeks to call attention to the challenges faced by diverse and underrepresented groups in STEM as they progress through their academic career. This program aims to engage the entire FSU community in conversations that highlight what it means to be a STEM scholar in terms of one’s STEM identity. As part of the project, we will establish an in-person speaker series during which individual speakers will share their stories about what it means to them to be a STEM scholar.

This initiative proposes to create a platform on AWS to store and process e-resource usage data. It will consist of a data harvester, database and front-end interface to query the data. The completed product will allow subject librarians, the FSU Libraries' collections committee, and others access to up-to-date e-resource usage statistics data. This will facilitate improved collection management and purchasing decisions across the Libraries.

Led by the Teaching, Learning & Engagement Instruction & Reference Unit, the Reference & Instruction Librarian and Library Instruction Specialist will use Articulate 360, a suite of e-learning authoring applications, to create online learning objects, such as web-based lessons and modules that can integrate with Canvas. This work will meet the information literacy-related instruction needs of FSU learners in an accessible and mobile-friendly format. We will also use the software to create asynchronous internal training materials. These materials will support employee onboarding processes as well as library-wide projects. Other library personnel will also be trained on how to use the software if they identify a need to create online learning materials related to their operations and areas of expertise.  

Florida State Open Publishing (FSOP) places FSU Libraries’ support for open access publishing and digital project development under one initiative. FSOP provides publishing services for journals, monographs, open educational resources, and digital scholarship projects. We consult on a variety of scholarly publishing topics and digital research tools and methodologies. We aim to provide open access publishing expertise, services, and platforms to enhance the scholarly output of Florida State University students, faculty, and staff. FSOP services include: Journal and monograph hosting Copyright and licensing guidance Indexing and discovery support Usage metrics and altmetrics Light layout and typesetting DOI, ISSN, ISBN registration Digital preservation Digital scholarship consultation


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