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Build a Community of STEM Data Scholars

Building a community of STEM Data Scholars at FSU will increase data literacy by allowing the Libraries to expand the reach and impact of research data services across the STEM community. This will be achieved through the creation of a STEM data fellowship program where paid student employees will teach and collaborate with STEM scholars. It will also allow the Libraries to leverage the expertise of our community in order to solve data related problems, enable interdisciplinary collaboration, and foster engagement around topics related to open data and open science.

Initiative Leads: 
Nick Ruhs

1) Creation of a STEM Data Fellowship program where FSU Libraries hires student employees who will teach data related curricular to STEM Scholars 2) Development of a peer-to-peer teaching and consulation model where data fellows provide direct support to peers in academic departments. 3) Development of a library data services model that leverages the expertise of the FSU community to educate and advocate for principles related to data information literacy and open science. 4) Development of data related curricular that encourages engaged learning and post graduation success. 5) Development of training materials in response to data related researcher needs. 6) Documentation of solutions to research challenges by contributing to existing documentation and expanding documentation in response to researcher needs.


Year 1: Phase 1, Pilot. Recruit, hire, and train first cohort of fellows, begin research and development efforts, acheive stakeholder engagement and develop outreach master plan.

Years 2 & 3: Phase 2, with continued funding. Transition fellows into second year and transfer many program responsibilities to them. Recruit, hire and train second cohort. Assess program's first year.

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