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Create FSU - FSU Libraries Web Hosting for Digital Projects

This new initiative will provide web hosting for digital projects through an educational technology company called Reclaim Hosting. This service would be available to any FSU faculty members, graduate students, or undergraduate Honors students who wants a web domain to host content related to their research, meeting both research and pedagogical needs for which there is currently no solution on campus.

Initiative Leads: 
Sarah Stanley
Matt Hunter

We are now in the implementation phase for CreateFSU. Reclaim Hosting's services have been acquired, and the website is now live at We are in the process of seeking new users for the pilot program, and we already have a few accounts set up.


This will be an ongoing initiative, but the work of establishing workflows, policies, and configuring startup accounts will take about one month of intensive labor from the Digital Humanities Librarian, Digital Scholarship Librarian, and Director of Digital Scholarship.

We expect that the setup process should be completed by May, 2021, with provision of new accounts starting around that time.

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