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Equipment Lending Policies

Equipment is available for checkout to current FSU students, faculty, and staff with their current FSUID cards. All equipment must be returned to the circulation desk of the lending library. University Libraries is not responsible for any late fees that may accrue as a result of returning items at incorrect locations. Patrons may renew their items in person at the lending library if no other patron is waiting. 

To view available equipment, please visit Borrow Equipment.

Late and Replacement Fees

All items have set late and replacement fees. Once a patron has been charged a replacement fee, a new item will be ordered and the library will not accept a late return. For fine disputes, please contact the Library Fines Management at (850) 645-8822.

For information on specific item lending periods and their late fees, please visit Technology Lending and Late Fee Information

Laptops and Tablets

Laptops and tablets are available for 4 hour checkout and may be used outside of the lending library. Patrons may renew their device if there is another available and no other patron is waiting.

There is a $10 late fee and an additional $10 fee for every hour a laptop is late. Items will only be returned at their original lending library.

Laptops and tablets cannot be reserved in advance, however patrons can be placed on a waitlist if there are no devices available. Patrons are allotted 1 device per checkout.

Saving to Laptops and Tablets

Upon shut down, all documents on laptops and tablets are deleted and any work will not be salvageable. Always save documents to a flash drive, email, or your FSU OneDrive. University Libraries is not responsible for lost or damaged files.

Cameras, Projectors, etc.

Projectors, cameras, tripods, and other select equipment are available for 3 day checkout to all FSU students, faculty, and staff. Due to heavy circulation, SD cards may not be formatted and batteries may not be charged. It is the patron's responsibility to save and delete any images and video prior to returning items. These items are first come, first served and may not be placed on a waitlist. See waitlist policies below for more information.

Headphones, Cables, etc.

Various electronic accessories are available for checkout through University Libraries. Items may not be reserved, however if the item you are searching for is unavailable, you may be placed on a waitlist for the next available item. See Equipment Waitlist below for more information.

For more information on fines and lending policies please visit Borrowing Equipment

Equipment Waitlist

If an item is not available, patrons may request to be placed on a waitlist in person at Strozier or Dirac Science Library. Patrons are then given a pager which will vibrate and light up when the item becomes available. After ten minutes if the item has not been checked out, it will become available to the next waiting patron. Pagers may not work properly if taken outside of building and the library is not responsible for missed pages.

Only items available for two to four hour loan may be placed on a waitlist. Items available for three day loan are first come, first served.

FAMU-FSU Engineering Library

Equipment located at the FAMU-FSU Engineering Library is available for check out to Engineering students, faculty, and staff during regular library hours. See Engineering Library hours here.


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