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Open and Affordable Textbook Projects

Open Textbook Network Workshop for FSU Faculty

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The Office of the Provost is sponsoring an open textbook workshop for FSU faculty from 10:00am-12:00pm on Thursday, October 25th. The workshop will be facilitated by two Open Textbook Network trainers, Dr. Abbey Dvorak and Josh Bolick from the University of Kansas. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce faculty to open textbooks and the benefits they can bring to student learning, faculty pedagogical practice, and social justice on campus. 

Tracking Zero-Cost Course Material Adoptions at FSU

Adoption Tracking

Our team recently created a spreadsheet to track zero-cost course material adoptions at FSU, drawing on information we've collected from the 2017 and 2018 Alternative Textbook Grant winners as well as open textbook adoption data from OpenStax. We hope that this spreadsheet will serve as a community resource for instructors at FSU, enabling them to identify colleagues who have already adopted zero-cost materials for their courses and to review the specific materials that were adopted.

Open Education Symposium

open education symposium image

FSU Libraries are excited to host a one-day Open Education Symposium on March 8th, 2018. The purpose of the symposium will be to raise awareness about Open Educational Resources (OER) and their potential to support student success by reducing textbook costs and creating opportunities for open, learner-centered pedagogy. All members of the FSU community are invited.

You can find the full program, speaker information, and more at our Open Education Symposium page. 

Meet with the OER Team

Are you interested in meeting with our Open Educational Resources (OER) team to discuss replacing your assigned textbook with an open online textbook, open online content, or library licensed material? We would be happy to assist you in finding no or low cost but high-quality resources suited for your course and subject area.

FSU Libraries OER team can help you:

FSU Libraries announce winners of inaugural Alternative Textbook Grants

Alternative Textbook Grants for Faculty

The Alt-Textbook Grant Program aims to address the growing problem of textbook affordability.

FSU Libraries have announced the winners of our inaugural Alternative Textbook Grants. The grant program, launched by the Libraries in November 2016, awards successful applicants with $1,000 to support the development of open or library-licensed course materials that are available at no cost to students. These high-quality materials are written by experts and peer-reviewed, ensuring a level of intellectual and instructional rigor on par with expensive commercial equivalents.

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